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Where More Crack is a GOOD Thing...

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A place where a good sense of humor can be a deadly weapon. Any Fandom. All Crack.
The Epic Fandom Crack!Fic Drabble Warzone!

We love crack here. Every fandom has its share of crack, whether it be art, writing, icons or meta essays, crack can be found lurking, just waiting to make someone spit their drink all over the computer screen. This community was created for those who love to be the cause of that - everything crack goes.

Art, drabbles, meta, icons... if you can crack it, you can challenge it. Any and all fandoms are welcome - so bring your friends if you want more people to challenge!

The icons listed under the community are free for use as long as you credit - much thanks to the_torrid_pen!

The rules can be found here.

List your fandoms or browse the master list here.

Now go forth and commence with the crack!