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cracktasticwars wants YOU!

Hi thar, peeps!! Since I can say I'm the instigator of this particular idea, I feel the need to throw out a challenge.

Here be my list of fandoms

I could also try CLAMP titles, but I can't promise :P

Anybody daring enough to challenge me? ;)
As the maintainer and creator of the crazed crackfest, I suppose it's only right I throw out the first challenge!

So have at thee, community!

Here's my crack list!

Let's go! Hiiii-YA!
Welcome to cracktasticwars, where every day is a day spent in the trenches of the Crack War Zone! To stay alive here, you'll need to know the rules of the war.

So how does this work? First things first - post your crack fandoms here.

Once you've done that, either make a post declaring your war, or take up a current challenge by commenting on it. Either way, make sure you leave a link to your fandom list so everyone knows what you'll crack.

What does a crack war look like? Like this.

As far as rules go, anything goes as long as it falls into the types and fandoms of the challengers (and doesn't break any laws - no underage sex and whatnot, obviously). So crack art, drabbles, icons, meta... whatever. Since everything will be in the comments, there's no need to LJ cut. If you'd like to crack a certain theme, go ahead and say so. In the future, there may be crack themes posted by the moderators for extra fun. If your crack has a high rating or possible squick, please list it at the top of your reply, just to be courteous to others.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post them here. One of our moderators will get back to you.
Welcome to the Cracktastic Wars' Crack Listing! This is where you - the creators of crack - will make a list of the crack you are willing to try your hand at writing, along with anything that you refuse to write for fear of squick.

Once you're listed here, when you challenge the community, or you take someone else's challenge, you can easily link to what you will and won't write. How you ask? There's a link called, well, link at the bottom of your comment. If you click that, you'll have a link to your direct comment.

"I challenged someone, but they don't do any of my fandoms!" Well, that's why this post is here - to make sure this doesn't happen. That means you should update your listing if you have new fandoms you'll crack - otherwise you may be losing out on challenges!

List as many series as you can (RPF a-okay!), and you can further specify if you'll only write main characters - if you know the series but not well enough to crack minor characters.

"So... what do I do again?"

Fill this out:

Crack!Author: (That's You!)
Crack!Rating: (Highest rating you'll crack.)
Anti!Crack: (Things you won't crack - like BDSM or non-con. Also list Yaoi, het, or yuri if you will not crack them. If it's not listed here - it's fair game.)
Crack!Type: (Art, meta, drabbles... etc)
Crack!Fandoms: (The fandoms you'll crack. Also where you can mention how familiar you are with your fandom and/or which characters you'll crack for.)

Once that's done, go forth and create crack!